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Historic Places
Title Date in History
Aztalan State Park 1835
Barrie School 1939
Bettersox Knitting Mills 1908
Bon Ton Bakery Early 20th Century
Early Breweries 19th century
Caswell House 1873 - 1919
Coe, Converse and Edwards 20th century
Cold Spring 1830s
Crawfish River N/A
Creamery Package 1898 to 1967
Curtis Haummerson House c. 1900
Fort Atkinson Airport 1946
Fort Community Credit Union 1940 to present
Fort Replica 1960s
Hartel Building 1920
Haven Motel 1920s - 1980
Hoard Museum beginnings 1930s
Hoard House Donation 1956
Hobo Hotel During the Depression
Hobo Hotel 1931 - 1940
Fort Hospitals 20th Century
Indian Mounds 1991
Irish Patch c. 1880
Jefferson County Seat War 1850's
1840 Census of Jefferson County 1840
Jefferson County Fair 1853-present
Jones Dairy Farm  
Jones Park 1896
Lucien Caswell's Description of Lake Koshkonong 1840
Lawton Hotel Early 20th century
First Library 1890-1916
Lincoln in Jefferson County 1832
Fort Atkinson Municipal Building 1920's
NASCO 1940s
National Dairy Shrine Comes to Fort 1970s & 1980s
North Hills Ski Club 20th Century
Octagon House 1850s
Municipal Swimming Pool Opens 1955
Railroad Depot 1906
Ralph Park 1944
Robert Street Bridge 1909
Savall & Wiring Laundry 1895 - 1927
Thiebeau Point c. 1830
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